The Best Tips to Sell Your Home

We’ve written many blog posts about what to look when searching for a new home, but about half the time, in order to even look for a new home, homeowners have to sell their current home, and in current real estate market, that be a tough sell. However, with some good advice, every home can look like a diamond in the rough. Here are a few of our favorite tips for preparing your home for the real estate market:

  • During an open house, it’s best to leave for a few hours. Staying inside during an open house can potentially leave you open to hearing criticism about the home, which could make you defensive and scare off the buyer.  Take your kids to the park or go visit an attraction that’s on your to-do list, and it’s time much better spent.
  • Put Family Photos Away – Storing family photos before your house goes on the market helps potential buyers see themselves in your home. Photographs can be distracting, and buyers might be looking at photos of your family vacations instead of your crown molding and granite countertops.
  • Kill your Clutter – One of the biggest turnoffs for buyers is clutter. Real estate agents suggest to remove half of everything in your closets, garage and cabinets. Extreme, yes, but people love seeing that all your stuff fits in the house, and won’t be worried if their own belongings will fit, too. Clutter-free kitchen
  • Make the front entrance welcoming – A new doormat and a vase of fresh flowers at the door will help welcome potential buyers as if they were guests. Add fresh flowers or plants in your front beds or on the front porch for an extra dose of curb appeal.
  • Put Away Fragile Items – Prospective buyers with children will more than likely bring them along, so you don’t want any of your fragile or valuable items out on display.
  • Get Rid of Any Signs of Pets – While most people agree that pets are important members of the family, not everyone is pet-friendly. Remove food and water bowls and make sure the litterbox is out of sight and kept clean so buyers who aren’t animal lovers aren’t turned off. Most importantly, keep your pets crated or better yet, with you during an open house.
  • Little Extras – Putting fresh soap and towels in the bathrooms, clean dish towels in the kitchen and even emptying the trash can really pack a punch. It says to buyers, “this house is well-kept,” and they’ll believe it!

These are just a few house selling tips that we’ve gained from working with real estate agents all over the Atlanta area. If you’re currently looking to purchase a new home, don’t hesitate to contact Dan and George of the Mortgage Guys in Atlanta, GA.



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