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Each week, Dan and George try to feature a new blog related to the mortgage process, upcoming  loan refinancing information, or the home buying process. Here are a few of our favorite posts written with our customers and potential homeowners in mind. Savings & Mortgage street signs

The Best Tips to Sell Your Home – Selling your current home first? Here are some of our favorite tips  for preparing your home for the real estate market.

Saving For Your Home’s Down Payment– Are you getting ready to make the jump from a renter to a home buyer?  There are many new home buyers in Atlanta, GA just like you.  They are scared to death, excited beyond belief, and they aren’t sure what the next step to take in the home buying process for their financial situation.  Don’t worry.  Buying a home is the biggest and best investment that you will ever make.

What is the Mortgage Approval Process? – While this site is full of useful information, industry terms and calculators that will help you research the mortgage approval process in detail, this particular page was designed to give you a thorough outline of the important components involved in getting qualified for a new mortgage loan.

Could You Benefit From Refinancing Your Home Loan? – Market rates are hovering near historic lows, and as a homeowner, you must determine whether a mortgage refinance makes economic sense for you and your family. Benefits of refinancing your home loan could include lower monthly payment and/or shortening the amortization period.

5 Things You Should Ask Your Mortgage Lender – If you are looking to buy a home in Metro Atlanta, Georgia, you might want to learn a few things about your mortgage lender as well.  Finding your perfect house is important, but finding the right mortgage lender in Atlanta is equally as important.  Before signing on the dotted line, use these five questions to help find the right lender as well.

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