News in Renting Vs. Buying a Home

According to a new article published by the L.A. Times, on average, potential homebuyers who purchase a home instead of renting can break even by three years.

This real estate news was discovered by the website Zillow, and the new analysis of this data is called the “break-even horizon.” The discovery: compparing what it would cost to buy or rent the same home in a number of U.S. markets over time. Of course, the rent versus buy calculations vary widely based on location. Collection of Rental Signs

The analysis includes many factors that first-time homebuyers need to consider when purchasing a home, such as the down payment, mortgage and rental payments, buying and selling costs, utilities, property taxes, maintenance costs, homeowners insurance and tax deductions. Additionally, the analysis adjusts for price inflation and also predicts home values and rental price appreciation.

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Photo courtesy of Flickr.