How to Choose a Great Real Estate Agent

In addition to finding a mortgage lender, when thinking about listing your home for sale or purchasing a new home, finding a a real estate agent who can use a wide range of tools to help your purchase your home is important. Here are some of the best traits of a great real estate agent. Handshake

  • Find your candidates from relationships you already have. Ask people you know who own or are shopping for new homes in the same general geographic area where you want to live who their realtor was, how their transaction went, whether they still keep in touch with their realtor, and whether they’d work with that person again.
  • When you’re calling to find the right candidate, make sure you mention the name of your source. This way, you seem more credible and serious than a person who’s calling at random, and you’ll show you’re more deserving of their time and attention.
  • Set up expectations. What do you want from your real estate agent? Outline your needs from the start so there won’t be any surprises down the road.
  • Find an agent that specializes in homes that are similar to what you’re looking for. If your budget is $200,000, it’s probably best to stick with an agent who has similar listings. Also, be sure to check out the photos and descriptions of current listings to see what type of properties they’re most familiar with.
  • Make sure you get along with the agent. Ultimately, there should be some sort of compatibility that allows you to have a successful business relationship.
  • Be wary of choosing a friend or family member. This could potentially jeopardize the relationship if the buying or selling process gets difficult.

Selecting a real estate agent is one piece of the home-buying puzzle. Contact The Mortgage Guys of Atlanta, GA to help you fill in the gaps. We can sit down and talk you through the home buying process, including helping you figure out your budget, discussing financing options, and even offering a recommendation on real estate agents we have worked with in the past.