About Us

George and Dan are both veteran mortgage professionals with over 20 years of experience between them.  They have built their business through referrals and by taking the educational approach for their clients. Their philosophy is that the more informed their clients are, the better choices they will make in choosing the right loan program, making for happy clients, creating more referrals.

With the mortgage industry going through a metamorphosis and with all the “sometimes” misinformation that is all over the media, Dan and George decided to hit the airwaves to help and answer questions that they receive on a daily basis. Being that they are both working licensed loan originators, they deal with what is really out there on a daily basis.

“I cannot believe what I hear on TV these days … that is just not true” – George Beylouny

“I love telling my clients … yes we can refinance you … I know your house is not worth what it was two years ago” – Dan Dadoun

George and Dan both pride themselves on keeping informed on the ever-evolving mortgage industry.